Our values

The cornerstones of our business are the pursuit of excellence in our products, coupled with a conduct that is ethical, transparent and responsible.
We are aware that smoking is one of the major risk factors in the development of neoplastic, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. This is why we play very close attention to how our products are made and marketed. Our aim is not to persuade people to smoke, but to offer superior-quality products to adult consumers who have made a conscious choice to smoke.
We work tirelessly to select the finest tobacco, using cutting-edge manufacturing and quality control technologies. We endeavour to publish clear, precise health warnings regarding the effects smoking has on health. We are convinced that no-one under 18 should smoke. We are perfectly clear about our products; we always adhere to the rules and respect local cultures. We believe that the regulations applied should balance the interests of smokers with those of non-smokers.

International Tobacco PLC - London